How to apply Festival Glitter Makeup



Festival Glitter: How do I stick it on?

Tips from the pros

Glitter is a huge trend for music festivals and special nights out, plus it’s super fun to experiment with! The application can be tricky though if you have no idea what to use…

Here are some foolproof tips from the pros to help you choose the right adhesive and bring out your inner Glitter Queen!


Make sure that you’ll get some good quality cosmetic-grade glitter (not craft glitter) and do a patch test on a small area of your skin using the same fixing product you’re going to use to stick it on your body later. On the rare occasion of an allergy, you’re most likely allergic to the fixing product you used rather than the glitter itself so try using another option. When you find what works best for you, you’re ready to glitter away!

How to apply Festrival Glitter Makeup

Aloe vera gel

This is the most natural way to fix glitter on your skin as aloe vera contains vitamins, minerals, amino acids and antioxidants which means that it is soothing and moisturising. So your skin will glow even after you’ve washed your glitter off! The only negative is that since the gel dries after a few minutes, the glitter will flake a bit. Apply a small amount on your skin just where you want the glitter to stick using a brush or your fingers and then using the same brush pop your sparkles on top. Another way -if you’re feeling crafty- is to premix some gel with loose glitter in a small bowl and then apply it on your skin. This way you don’t lose as much glitter during application too!

Hair gel

If you’re going for glitter roots –a personal favourite- then strong hold hair gel is your best friend! It will keep the glitter in place but if you want to use some hairspray on top, that’s fine too. Choose one of the many fun hairstyles you’ll find online and be creative! You can use it on your skin as well, as it holds the glitter quite well. The application is the same as with aloe vera gel.

Skin balm 

(Vaseline, beeswax, coconut oil etc)

This is the way to make your glitter stay on for a whole day and night even if you sweat or get wet but make sure you lay down just a thin layer. As skin balms don’t dry, the glitter will move around if you touch it at any time -it will leave your skin pretty soft and moisturized afterwards though. For glitter hair… it’s a big no!

Glitter fix

Now, this is definitely the best option if you want your glitter in place without flaking or having to stand the oily feeling of skin balm all day. Glitter fix will do the job for you and in contrast with all the above fixing products, it can be used on your lips and eyelids. Apply the Glitter fix gel on the desired area and lightly coat in your glitter of choice. Tidy the edges, if needed, and allow to dry.

So now that you have your ‘glue’, you’re going to need an extra sparkly glitter to show off, right? And that’s where the new Face & Body Glitters by Glitterhood come in - and trust us when we say… they’re the sparkliest you’ve ever seen!

Any other ways of applying your glitter?

Jenny Rapti @Funproject

Face and Body Artist




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